Friday, November 03, 2006

Wildfish will only last 50 more years

After a major scientific study it has been found that there could be only 50 years left for sea fishes. Although there are many reasons behind it and all of you know that pollution is one but eventhough this is out of my topic other such reasons behind it is loss of habitation, fishing, poaching, lack of biodiversity. Remember fishing and poaching are two different things. The survey concluded that at this rate of decline all the delicious fish we eat will expire into the abyss and people who rely on fishes will have to find other species to eat.

Pollution has caused a problem and reduced biodiversity and because of the reduction of biodiversity there are less fish reproduction hence a decline in fish population. Areas of seas that were protected by law from poaching and fishing have survived and fish population increased comparatively.

To some protecting fish stocks by protecting biodiversity does not make sense.

Lets hope for the best.

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