Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some news

Sorry in the delay in posts. My Alevel exams are in January so i have been kind of busy studying and not updating. I just wanted to say that from our country a man has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The people who received it are Professor Muhammad Yunus and his fellow workers in Grameen Bank. Its kind of a great achievement for our country so great news. I have read few articles about ice melting way faster in the Greenland that predicted, Asia's carbon dioxide levels will treble by 2025( i think, dont remember the exact year). So yeah thats it for today. In the mean time you can visit


The 1st link is my pictures, the remaining 2 are my friends. Check there pictures out. If you want to know abt my country and its culture be sure to check my friends' links.

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Omar said...

hey, what subjects are u giving in Jan? best of luck...:)