Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Taj Mahal needs a clean up

Taj Mahal might get its own special clean-up. It is India's most prided monument but in recent years its outlook has been tarnished due to pollution. Acid rain caused by chemicals present in the atmosphere eats up the marble on the structure, slowly degrading it. TO know more about the clean up visit the source.

China plans to counter climate change. To know vist source.

It seems finally the George Bush is taking action against global climate change but it may still require the insistence of the G8 summit that will be held this month. Read it here.


Yee Piao said...

Well, Taj Mahal has been nominated for the new World 7 Wonders. It's good to see it going under a refurbishment.

Anyway, Bush should follow the world though. This time, he can't stand against the world anymore...

Odiyya said...


added your link to my site as requested.

Do you have many sources for enviro stories within India? i've been looking for a source to add to my coverage.