Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blog update

I have recently bought a domain and hosting, which I own ( Yeah finally!!!) and have been working on the hosting for almost a month. The purpose of this was to shift this blog from blogger to another host where I own its rights. Anyways my blog is now hosted by Wordpress on WrzHost server. It was the only cheapest one I could find and thank my friend Bdgamer for suggesting it. Also I want to thank my Sponsors. They have been supporting me and this was possible because of them. Let me mention my sponsors. They are Carbon Offset, EHS Compliance Software, Water Damage ,Eco friendly Water Coolers UK. You can also see them on my right sidebar. Other sponsors are ReviewMe, Text-Links Ads, Smorty.

By the way my new domain is BDPOLLUTION. I am still working on it so you could keep seeing changes on it. As my domain is new, I will not be able to earn from it, so my blogger blog which is this one will remain active till BDPOLLUTION has sufficient rankings for me to earn money. Also since my wordpress blog has to be active I will post the same thing twice that is post an article on both Pollution and its effect to the environment and BDPOLLUTION. So go check it out at BDPOLLUTION.

If you are interested in link exchange please leave a message there or contact me here.

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