Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Bull by the Horns

Yes now most of you must be wondering as it to what I am going to talk about? Well it is a little different from my usual topics however is has some similar thoughts. I received a mail from RIPT Apparel, an online tee-shirt retailer who just launched their concepts to the world. They started off with a design focused on the usual traffic gridlock faced by billions of people on this planet.

Now gridlock is really frustrating and this is what the tee-shirt design depicts. The horns, the pollution, the heat, waiting in queues and so on. Now in terms of the environment, by avoiding traffic gridlocks, people can save money, time; it also reduces pollution such as noise pollution, air pollution, and many more.

For tee-shirt fans, who want some uniqueness in what design you want on your shirt, this is a good place to start cause the designs last for 24 hours and after the deadline a new design comes in. Each shirt costs $10 and they ship internationally so get your credit cards and start shopping. Btw to understand the title look at the picture carefully..

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Paul Friemel said...

You said it! Thanks for the gracious write-up. You nailed the themes of this shirt.

Go green or die!