Monday, August 02, 2010

Top 10 Countries utilizing solar energy

As countries make strong decisions on cutting their CO2 emissions, I came across a list of the top 10 countries using solar power and to tell you the truth, its quite fantastic.

1. Germany (9,785 MW)
2. Spain (3,386 MW)
3. Japan (2,633 MW)
4. United States (1,650 MW)
5. Italy (1,167 MW)
6. Czech Republic (465 MW)
7. Belgium (363 MW)
8. China (305 MW)
9. France (272 MW)
10. India (120 MW)

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Mike's Vent Cleaning said...

Good to see this...I am so proud that my country has joined the energy efficient move.There should be more and more in the list within next years.

Conservatories said...

It's really good, Great work too